Brick Cleaning Kent

At Brick Cleaning Kent we take our time to understand your brickwork in order to provide it with the treatment that will give a thorough, but gentle clean. A key factor in successful cleaning is the skill and experience of the specialist contractor. With modern technology, cleaning methods have advanced in recent years following a greater understanding of environmental impacts and with safety in mind. There are a number of ways to clean a building and each different technique is used to work best considering the surface in question. Brick Cleaning Kent use a combination of techniques to achieve the best results: pressure water washing, chemical application and water spraying.

Stone Cleaning Kent

Brick Cleaning Kent pride ourselves in tackling projects using the safest, most effective technique to bring about the results you are looking for. The systems we use are environmentally friendly and we can also provide sealants which offer added protection from future damage by atmospheric pollutants.

Paint Removal Kent

If a surface is painted the pores in the stone are often closed. Dampness trapped in the stone cannot dry by natural breathing. Damp patches may occur on the interior or further away from the damp area. If it freezes, surface damage by bursting can be expected. Paint stripping will restore a building to its original glory, allowing it to breathe naturally again. Brick Cleaning Kent uses a pressure washing system, in conjunction with chemicals to strip off the specific layers in question to a precise level, returning the substrate to its original look.

Professional Brick Cleaning Kent

Professional cleaning of the external brickwork adds both value and a kerb-side appeal to the building
To conclude, the successful cleaning of external brickwork depends on well-trained and experienced technicians. A specification, no matter how good it is, will remain words on paper unless good workmanship is available to translate it into good practice – at Brick Cleaning Kent we have the skills and the good workmanship to restore your brickwork to its original beauty.
We can help you complete your brick restoration project with replacement of old bricks where needed as well as repointing, rendered details, including plinths and painted details.
The best part, our services come at an amazing price range. To discuss your brick cleaning needs please call James on 01303 670092 or 07951 062101

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brick cleaning kent

brick cleaning kent

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